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One problem everyone gets sooner or later is headaches. The only treatment prescribed for most headaches is pain killers. Only these don't address the cause(s) of the headache and finding that out is not easy. But your symptoms can alert you to your headache causes and how to treat them. Here are some ways to determine your headache type or types (you may have more than one).
Main causes of headaches:
Low Blood Sugar
Liver Toxicity
Heart Weakness
Food Allergy
Environmental Allergy or Sensitivity
Low Blood Sugar
If you have low blood sugar you will usually get a headache when you miss a meal or wait too long between meals. This lets your blood sugar drop too low. You also may be eating a bad diet. Stay away from refined carbohydrates(anything in a package). Snack in between meals with fresh fruit and always eat a good breakfast. We recommend the Blood Type Diet, see our article on it here.
Liver Toxicity
Do you feel nauseous or sometimes have a metallic taste in you mouth. These can accompany liver toxicity headaches. General body aches and pains with nightmares and/or insomnia are also symptoms. Not tolerating fats and oils (olive oil, nuts, etc.) is also common and may cause nausea. Chronic worrying may also indicate your headaches are caused by liver toxicity. First and foremost eliminate all junk food, fried food, refined oils, soft drinks, margarines, and commercial salad dressings from your diet. Eat fresh, preferably organically grown fruits and vegetables, butter(raw if possible) and extra-virgin olive oil for cooking and salads. Contact us to find out about our liver detoxification programs.
Heart Weakness
Heart weakness headaches are indicated by symptoms of a weak heart: difficulty in breathing, weakness and fainting when exerting yourself, chest pain and angina, become tired soon after awakening, and low blood pressure(although it can also be normal or high). These headaches can occur after any exertion. The weakness may be due to a lack of oxygen and too much carbon dioxide buildup in the cells.
Food Allergy or Sensitivity
Food reactions can consistently produce headaches. The most common are from milk, wheat, chocolate and pork. However, if you cannot easily determine your food allergies, you may need to try the Elimination Diet. The main problem is poor digestion. When your food is not digested properly, your entire gut is affected and undigested molecules pass into the bloodstream, producing an allergic reaction. Years of prescription drugs and antacids contribute to poor digestion, but a diet of junk and refined foods is also a major factor. In general terms the following is true: Poor protein digestion will usually give you a foul-smelling gas. Poor carbohydrate digestion produces lots of gas with no odor. Poor fat digestion causes nausea, burping, sudden sickness, etc., you may need to clean up your liver and gallbladder. Sometimes all three types of digestive problems exist at the same time. Your diet should be the same as with liver toxicity headaches - no junk food, no fake fats, no margarines, etc. Once your digestion begins to normalize, your absorption should improve and the entire cycle of poor digestion will be broken.
Environmental Allergy or Sensitivity
Many headaches can be linked to reactions to man-made chemicals. Pesticides, fertilizers, perfumes and products found in many new houses like glues, carpets, paints, thinners, etc., can all overwhelm your liver, lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems, producing toxic headaches. Often you can do nothing except avoid these chemicals. Sometimes, air purifiers can help plus negative ion generators and electrostatic air filters can be effective. Try increasing your home's ventilation. Increasing or decreasing the humidity can also play a role, especially increasing humidity at high elevations. When building or remodeling, use natural woods, fibers, and fabrics. Look for paints and glues that don't give off toxic fumes. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise outdoors and drink lots of pure water and follow a diet of whole natural foods.
These are the main culprits when it comes to headaches but there are more and we will include them in this article in the future. We can help your headaches too! Fill out our Symptom Survey to find out more!
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